Growth Master Enterprises Limited
Dongguan Growth Master Plastic Co., Ltd

Development Opportunities

       Growth Master would like to create an environment where we can share our knowledge, information and resources based on our history to facilitate our partnership.

Our Strengths are:

  • Trustworthiness and faithfulness
  • Commercial information is always vital to the running of a business. Growth Master can guarantee that all the information is kept confidential to our own.

  • Sufficient man power
  • Labour intensive procedures are tedious but essential to the production of high quality products. Growth Master is willing to invest so the complicated procedures (e.g. packing) are made possible.

  • Strict standard
  • Growth Master never lowers our standard for any reason in spite of the low cost. We seek for inexpensive and appealing products as our customers do.

  • Convenient location
  • We are located in convenient location. This enables the establishment of joint offices to further collaboration opportunties, such as the evaluation of new suppliers and quality checks on new products before shipments.

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