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  • Trustworthiness and Loyalty

  •        Growth Master acknowledges that ensuring and defending the interest of our customer with loyalty and honesty is the most important ground rule of all. Insisting this rule might lose short term interests, but in exchange we gain persistent friendship and joyfullness.

  • Low Price and High Quality

  •        Growth Master would absolutely not use inferior goods or lower the quality standard of our products to increase profit of our business. We believe that assured quality will build up our credibility in the future. We still try to achieve our goal of "low price and high quality" for the good of our customers. We are capable of providing our customers with great products at practicle prices.

  • Creativity and Innovation
  •        Growth Master identifies and anticipates the development of new products. Serving and satisfying customers' needs are the aspiration of Growth Master. We give our hands to customers and open the door for them leading to the global market. We believe that this is the only way leading to the success of an enterprise.

  • Efficiency and Effectiveness
  •        Growth Master works with speed and flexibility. We are commited to "Do the right things at the right times" and are dedicated to meet the standards and the deadlines. We are eager to act with speed and accuracy to fulfill our obligation of being a good supplier.

  • CSR and CARE
  •        Growth Master recognizes that there should be a lawful, fair, safe, and healthy work environment for the employees of our factory. We not only follow the "Code of Business Practices", but also abide by the social responsiblities of a corporation. Chinese Confucian believes in kindness, which is comprised of filial affection, lenience, patience, loyalty and politeness. We as Chinese, believe in the moral that we should not impose upon others what we do not desire upon ourselves. We hope that staffs of Growth Master are affectionate sagacious people.

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