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Code of Conduct

Our Perspective
At Growth Master, we believe that it is only right to treat our employees with dignity and respect. We are committed to respecting and protecting their rights. It is our duty to comply with the Labor Laws.

Our Mission
To provide employees with secure and fairly compensated jobs. To be socially responsible in performing our duties.

Our Strategy
To respect workers' rights, comply with the Labor Law, be well prepared in Fire Prevention, First Aid, Industrial Safety training and preparations. To treat employees fairly and provide better than average welfare.

Our System
To assure we perform to the highest COC standard, a professional Corporate Systems and Compliance team is set up to oversee compliance activities of our manufacturing facilities. ICTI CARE Process is used as a benchmarking tool.
Growth Master manufacturing facility has achieved and maintained ICTI Confirmation Seal Class A since early 2011.

1. Freely Chosen Employment íV?Forced labor including situations in which a person is coerced to work through the use of violence or intimidation, or by accumulated debt, retention of identity papers or threats of denunciation to immigration authorities are strongly prohibited.

2. Child Labor?- The use of child labor is our manufacturing facilities is strongly prohibited. We do not employ workers at the age younger than sixteen.

3. Working Hours, Wages and Benefits?- Facilities must comply with all applicable national and local wage and hour laws, including minimum wage laws. Employee benefits are provided in accordance with national and local requirements. A normal workweek should not be more than 60 hours per week, including overtime, except in emergency or unusual situations. Workers are allowed at least one day off every seven days.

4. Health and Safety?- We ensure that all employees work in a healthy and safe environment, including in dormitories. We also promote an awareness of health and safety issues to their employees including issues surrounding fire prevention, emergency evacuation, proper use of safety equipment, basic first-aid and the proper use and disposal of hazardous waste materials.

5. Abuse and Discrimination?-?Employees and workers must be treated with dignity and respect. Abuse, cruel or unusual disciplinary practices or discrimination in employment or hiring on the grounds of race, religion, origin, political affiliation, sexual preference, age or gender is strongly prohibited.

6. Environmental Impact?- Hasbro maintains a commitment to sound environmental programs and practices and encourages the reduction and recycling of waste. Facilities must comply with all applicable laws relating to the environment and dispose of toxic materials in a controlled and safe manner. To that end, Hasbro seeks to conduct business with Facilities who are equally dedicated to pursuing continuous efforts to improve the compatibility of its operations with the environment.

7. Ethics?- All forms of bribery, corruption, extortion and embezzlement is not allowed. Intellectual property rights are to be respected. Standards of fair business, advertising and competition are to be upheld. Appropriate means to safeguard customer information must be available.

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