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Conflict Minerals Policy
GrowthMaster is committed to sourcing products, components and materials (hereafter referred to as :products;) from third party vendors that share our values concerning human rights, ethics, and corporate social responsibility.
GrowthMaster condemns the ongoing violence and humanitarian crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and adjoining countries, financed partly by the trade of minerals referred to as .conflict minerals・ (tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold).
These minerals can make their way into the supply chains of various products used by consumers and businesses around the world. As a publicly traded company and downstream user of products that could potentially contain conflict minerals, GrowthMaster is required to comply with U. S. Securities and Exchange commission (SEC) conflict minerals rule.
Our policy is intended to reinforce GrowthMaster・s commitment to responsible sourcing and to inform our third party vendors of GrowthMaster・s goal that GrowthMaster-branded products will be conflict free. GrowthMaster・s policy does not preclude our third party vendor from sourcing certified conflict-free minerals from the DRC and adjoining countries.
Any interested party can report concerns or possible violations of this policy confidentially through GrowthMaster・s conflict minerals email address?

Key Requirements:
GrowthMaster expects all third party vendors who produce GrowthMaster products likely to contain conflict minerals (tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold) to comply with the following requirements:
GrowthMaster expects its suppliers to respond to conflict minerals surveys and related inquiries from GrowthMaster in a timely and accurate manner. GrowthMaster conflict minerals surveys require suppliers to provide declarations about the source and origin of the conflict minerals in the products they supplied to GrowthMaster. GrowthMaster expects its third party vendors to report smelters.
Smelters that are listed on the current list of the Conflict Free Smelter Program are preferred smelters for the conflict minerals processing. GrowthMaster expects its third party vendors to source from conflict free smelters in support of GrowthMaster・s conflict minerals goal.
If a third party vendor is sourcing from smelters not designated as conflict free by a third party auditor such as the Conflict Free Sourcing Initiative (Conflict Free Sourcing Program), London Bullion Market Association, or any other recognized equivalent, the supplier must conduct its own supply chain due diligence and report the source and conflict status of conflict minerals contained in the products supplied to GrowthMaster.
GrowthMaster reserves the right to require additional documentation to verify the conflict minerals used and source of the conflict minerals contained in the products supplied to GrowthMaster.

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